Early Inspiration

My love for the beauty industry started at an early age. When I was a child, my older sisters would take their Barbie dolls and dress them in mismatched clothes and leave them with tangled hair. This drove me crazy! So when they would leave, I would take their Barbies and fix both their hair and clothes so that they would be beautiful again. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to become a professional hairstylist. 


The creds

For me, education has always been a top priority. I became a hairstylist 16 years ago and I always wanted to learn from the most talented hairstylists in the world. I wanted to take their techniques and merge them with my own to create a hair cut or color as unique as  you. I am proud to say that I have trained under the watchful eye of some of Sassoon’s finest instructors, such as Tina Haukjaer Anderson and Sally Rogerson, at the Sassoon Advanced Academy. My studies have taken me all over the world where I have studied classic hair cutting, creative hair cutting, barbering , and color theory.  I am also certified color educator and Hair Dreams Extension Specialist.

Free Hand Painting, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Hair Talks, The Look, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Essential Color, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Essential Foil, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Creative Color, Wella The Studio,Los Angeles 

CorrectiveColor, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Blonde Temptation, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles
Sensual Reds, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Razor Cutting, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Standards of Styling, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Kp Innosense, Wella The Studio, Los Angeles

Classic Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Creative Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Comprehensive Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Creative Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Barbering Cut/Color Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Classic Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Creative Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Creative Cutting Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy
Barbering Course, Vidal Sassoon Academy

Balayage Hair Painting, Ted Gibson Academy, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Color Theory Course, L’Oreal Institute of Technovation

Hair Extension Specialist, Hair Dreams USA, Los Angeles, CA

 Alfa Parf Color Educator Training, Miami FL


Shane after hours

While I am not at the salon, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children. I am an avid music lover, gamer, and history buff. I am passionate about learning and discovering new things. 


To book an appointment with Shane Hawkins of Shane Hair Style Color, please call (818)-200-8850


Wonder what it’s like to sit in my chair?  Here are just a few things my clients are saying:


I had highlights and a cut and it was the best set of highlights and best cut I’ve ever had. I LOVE my hair. Plus he is full of tips that I never ever knew – like towel drying your ends before applying the conditioner. My hair, even after washing it today, is super silky and looks amazing even though it air dryed.” Katherine M. Los Angeles, CA
“What can I say about Shane that hasn’t been said? I went to him yesterday for a Brazilian Blowout (which I absolutely love), but I also got my hair cut and it was the BEST cut I have ever had in my entire life. This guy knows his stuff and really took his time making it right. I honestly have never had my hair look this good before. I’m always nervous about new hair stylists but he made me feel instantly comfortable – playing great music, talking about really interesting variety of things. I’ve never laughed that much during a hair appointment ever!” Michele N. Los Angeles, CA
“Shane is wonderful at both cutting and coloring hair. He knows EVERYTHING about hair. The man has studied the subject far more than most hairstylists, and you can tell by the innumerable certificates on his wall, not to mention the fact that you will leave his salon with the best haircut and color that you’ve ever had. I have had a series of awful cuts recently and he was able to not only fix my hair but also color and cut it the exact way that I wanted without me even really describing what I wanted very articulately. He also happens to be a really nice and interesting guy, too. :) Bottom line: Go to Shane.” Allison M. Los Angeles, CA
“Shane gave me the gift of good hair. My hair was frizzy and damaged and looks amazing now. It’s never felt softer and been straighter after the Brazilian Blowout treatment. The special machine kept all the chemicals away, and I didn’t experience any fumes or tearing eyes I read about. It’s also one of the best cuts I’ve gotten. I’m enjoying all the compliments on my new look.I’ve had some bad experience with colorists in the past but feel totally confident with his expertise for my next touch up. All in all, Shane is extremely knowledgable and knows what he is doing. He’s also very entertaining. I highly recommend!!!” Lauren H. Encino, CA
“I am sooooooooo grateful to YELP for helping me find Shane. He is truly the best hairdresser I have ever had. Not only he fixed my highlights, I chose to have the Brazilian system done by him too, and thank God, I did! First of all, he is really not into being your therapist! In other words, I was so relieved to note that he didn’t start asking me about my personal life as soon as I sat down! But let me tell you first about the quality of his work. You would not believe it if I told you that he took my long hair, strand by strand, and tried to fix the mess that was left behind. He picked up the exact same hairs that had turned orange, and figured out exactly what to do, to make sure that I walk out happy. He didn’t even care how long it was going to take!!! He cared about results, and that is just what I wanted.” Mandy F. Sherman Oaks, CA
“I spent two years trying stylists…kept waiting longer and longer between cuts for them to grow out. It was miserable. I finally found Shane a couple of months ago and was thrilled to finally find someone who listened. The minute he looked at my hair, he identified exactly what I was upset about with the previous cuts. Shane gave me a fabulous cut and color while being sweet and as an added plus, was wonderfully interesting to talk to. He is talented and generous and I am so glad to finally have someone I can trust. I can go to Shane and know that I will feel great when I walk out.” C.K. Tarzana, CA
“Shane is a boss hair stylist. He takes a lot of pride in his craft and runs a great business. The set up where these studios are located is a cool concept as well. I usually don’t like making convo during a cut, but Shane was fun to talk to and has cool taste in music. I ended up putting 3-4 songs he played on my ipod. I usually get cheap/quick haircuts from hipsters who don’t really care what they’re doing so it was awesome getting a keratin treatment and sassoon style from such a pro.” Nathan M. Los Angeles, CA
“Best Brazilian Blowout! I got a Brazilian Blowout from Shane over two months ago and I am still thrilled! I have had only one other Brazilian Blowout prior to Shane and the results were nice enough but began washing out after three weeks. I decided to try another stylist and chose Shane because of the rave reviews on Yelp. Well the reviews are true. First, Shane knows what he is doing. There are a lot of salons peddling the Brazilian Blowout but not all Stylists know the proper way to administer the product – assuming they are actually using the authentic product… Let’s face it, Brazilian Blowout is an expensive process and you want to get what you pay for – smooth, frizz free, shiny, free flowing healthy hair! Hair that is healthier then when you walked in. Given the price, you want the result to last. I am nine or ten weeks in and am loving my flowing mane by Shane and were it not for the curly roots growing in; I would not have to go back for another Blowout for another two months or more. Shane also has a very sophisticated air filtration system hooked up if you are concerned about the fumes from the product that there has been much hype about. Shane takes his time with you and makes sure you and he part happy. If it takes a week or so to get fitted into Shane’s schedule (he’s a one man show at his salon); wait it out – he’s worth it!” Rebecca G. Burbank, CA
“Shane cuts hair better than anyone else. My hair is wash and wear. After towel drying, I run a comb through it and it’s done. If the wind blows, I just shake my head and it falls into place. Also, Shane’s Italian hair products beat anything else on the market. My new blonde hair color looks very natural, shiny and healthy. Besides all that, Shane is a delightful conversationalist,,, highly intelligent, funny and well-informed. I’m not sure I should be telling you guys all this… he will get so busy that I won’t be able to get an appointment! He’s truly a find.” Ina M. Lake Balboa, CA
“Shane is absolutely AMAZING!! He is Vidal Sassoon Advanced Academy graduate and it really shows!! He really focuses on what you want and what your needs are. I felt very comfortable in his chair and left the salon feeling very confident with my new look. His scalp massages are out of this world. :) I highly recommend getting your hair done by Shane, he is the best!!” Rebecca B. Seattle, WA
“Shane is amazing. Always get a great haircut and advice about caring for my hair.” Joyce K. Los Angeles, CA